October 31st, 2014


oOooOOoohhhh Halloweeeen!

I got an email notice that someone (not me) reactivated my deactivated Facebook account. Spooky! So, despite my plans to just deactivate and not delete my account for the time being, I am deleting it after all. Gotta wonder. Of course, even once you tell it to delete the account, it still stays deactivated for 14 days (I guess to give you time to consider the decision, but... I've been doing that for two plus years now so I'm really okay with just jumping and calling it done. But, oh well).

Got a good (Halloween-ish!) laugh last night. A bit of background: the part of the hospital that the pharmacy is in all but empties out by 2000 most nights. So much so, that the powers that be often forget that we (pharmacy ) are still down here and turn of all the hallway lights.

They really know how to make a girl feel loved.

I was working especially late last night (it was right around midnight) when I snuck out of the pharmacy and over to the cath lab to use their potty (they are the closest potty we have).

Afterwards, I was coming out when a shadow jumped out of the corner and yelled, "BOO!"

I screamed bloody murder. And when this person realized that I was not who they thought I was, they screamed, too. All I can say is thank goodness that we really were the only two people in this part of the hospital or someone would have probably called the cops.

Come to find out, she thought I was a fellow member of the housekeeping staff who had been going around scaring everyone every chance he got and, hearing the sink running in the bathroom, saw what she thought was a perfect opportunity to get some revenge.

Ha! Poor thing. She kept begging me not to get her fired (as if I have the power to get *anyone* fired) and all I could do was laugh at the situation.

Moral: Always lay eyes on your target before pulling the trigger.

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