May 11th, 2012

brain broken

I had almost forgotten how much I hate's formatting...Almost.

It's complete! It's really complete! But don't think I'm not going to only release one chapter a week to milk what few reviews there are left out there for Digimon fanfiction. 'Cause I am. *grins*

So without further ado, J. Washington Irving is proud to present:

Actively Dying
A Digimon fanfiction

Description: A look into the darker side of life. Yamato comes to rescue his little brother only to find out that his brother isn’t the one who needs rescuing. [Kensuke, Takesuke, and vague Yamasuke…and yet no one’s cheating on anyone else. Intrigued? Mwahahaha.]

Disclaimer: I do not, have never and (most likely) never will own Digimon. I would, however, consider reciprocating with sexual favors should someone decide to give it to me as a gift.

Authors Notes: Umm, wow. It has been awhile. AU, obviously, unless I missed the episode where Takeru and Daisuke hooked up with Ken’s crime consortium. Fair warning: I do not believe in wrapping things up with pretty little happy bows—life is rarely so kind.

And Ken just might be a little Kaiser-ish. Maybe. Or rather, what I imagine Ken would have been like had he found himself in the kind of environment where embracing rather than excising the "Kaiser" within would have been a bit more socially acceptable.

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