July 5th, 2011

44oz Huh?

I'm sure that the books are safe...

We've been cleaning up the pharmacy where I work. It's not been easy. I'm pretty sure that these people would make good fodder for an episode of hoarders. Today D-- (one of the other pharmacists) noticed that an old copy of the national formulary (from 1987) was missing. He immediately starts digging around asking, "Has anyone seen the books that were up there?"

The tech who threw the out of date books out not three days ago asks, "Did you need one of them?"

"No..." D-- admits, "Not really, but it looks like some are missing." A thought suddenly occurs to him, "You didn't throw them away, did you?" he asks, managing to sound quite worried.

"No, no," the tech soothed, "Don't worry."

"But where are they?" D-- asked.

"Why, with Zanny the Nanny, of course," she tells him, never skipping a beat. All work in the pharmacy comes to a dead halt has six sets of eyes turn to stare at her.

Her response: "What? Too soon?"

I laughed so hard I almost landed on the floor.

Who says working in health care leads to a morbid sense of humor. Never! *laughs*
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