June 20th, 2011

challenge metal

RUMBLINGS from a grumpy RPh...

I just ordered myself a cheap laptop and nice lap desk for my birthday. Yipee! Totally did not need the laptop. Needed the lap desk, though. *grins* Still, the laptop will be fun. I intend for it to be my "fanfiction" laptop (something made even more irrelevant by the fact that I no longer really write fanfiction). According to the website, it is slated to arrive 6/21/11 (i.e. tomorrow). I don't really believe that, but will be utterly giddy if it occurs.

I needed something to perk up my day today. Something to turn my mind when the urge to throttle a nurse rises, rises, rises. They’ve been so special lately that I find myself contemplating physical harm (both against them and myself). Maybe this will be enough to keep me focused on making it to tomorrow without getting arrested for mass homicide. It seemed healthier than soothing myself with promises to drink away the pain later tonight. *laughs*

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