July 12th, 2010

fuji die

I know it has all be said before, but...

I truly enjoy Rurouni Kenshin, but I do feel it necessary to share: I HATE THE DUB!

I could get past the poor voice casting. Yes. That’s to be expected. I know we just do not have the quantity of voice actors to develop true, talented quality. I accept that I will hear the same six voices in every anime I see that has been “professionally” dubbed.

Still. Is it too much to ask that you at least try to pronounce foreign names and words correctly? Can't you study the language enough to even speak with the appropriate cadence and/or (lack of) emphasis?

Case-in-point, all borrowed from the same third season episode of Samurai X: Bad-da-sai/ba-two-sai (battosai), sad-o (Saito), see-jiro (Sojiro), cory (Kaoru) and sin-sai (sensei). I mean: really! Who doesn’t know how to pronounce sensei in this day and age? *sighs*

I love you, Kenshin. I am desperately infatuated with you, Saito. Sojiro, I would have so kicked your horrid family’s… ahem… rears for you.

Know that it breaks my heart that you guys are imaginary and that you cannot take your revenge on the men and woman whose butchering of your lines has shattered your no-longer-absolute coolness.

You have my unconditional promise that I will never watch this shameful dub again.

Long live subtitles!

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