August 19th, 2009

sunset ken

Parting is rarely as sweet a sorrow as the story books would have you believe.

Well. I've finally read the final (english-version) GN of Fruits Basket. Yes, I feel a little weepy. *cries* Fruits basket was my first shojo ever--back before they were publishing manga in America (yeah, some of us have been strumming this gig for that long). I read it in japanese and then, lo and behold, they started publishing it in Japan in english under the guise of helping Japanese students better learn the tricky foreign language, and so I purchased those, too. But then! Oh my, if the American publishers did not pick it up themselves! (Yes. I do own three separate printings of this manga, but that's not terribly shocking for me, as I can say the same for Tactics and Peacemaker Kurogane).

And as of tonight, I have read book 23 of the American printing, the very last of all three runs to come to completion and I am heart broken (yes--simply heart broken) to realize there will be no more Fruits Basket to collect.

It was a good story, great even and it will be thoroughly missed.

Oh Fruits Basket, with your Engrish-toned title, thou weren't unlike a light unto all other shojo, and for that, this reader most heartily salutes you.

Good bye.

Fruits Basket, Jan 1999 - Aug 2009
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