July 15th, 2009

brain broken

One hundred and five, and still kicking!

First week back came off with a hitch! I'm a little proud of that. *smiles*

I have discovered that I am quite possibly the last person in America to find out that Steve Martin plays the banjo. I like his playing. Who says the Prairie Home Companion isn’t enlightening? *laughs*

However, I was shocked this week to discover that one of my co-workers did not know where, it was, that Anne Frank had resided. (To be fair, the misunderstanding came from the fact that she had previously thought that Moscow WAS part of Germany, though why she had it in her head that Ms. Frank hailed from that colorful city, I cannot say). This information shocked me, yes, but I was not horrified.

No, the horror came from then being asked (after a rather lengthy conversation about WWII) for the young woman’s cause of death.


History is far from my forte, but still...

Work is so often an education in and of itself,
J. Washington Irving, C.C.L.
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