July 4th, 2009

drunk HnG Akira

Snap Crackle Pop

Happy 4th. *smiles*

It is so very dry here that popping firecrackers has just about become a hanging offense. Naturally, that has made it a very quiet 4th. The cats appreciate this but it makes me feel strangely lonely. *laughs*

I've been listening to a Kazuo Ishiguro novel on tape I purchased years and years ago whilst I cross stitch. I had never before made it past the halfway mark on side one because the British accent of the man reading bothers me so. Something about his voice gives me the shivers. Who knows? However, I have determined to overcome this seemingly intense dislike I have for this man I have never and most likely will never meet. Wish me luck. I'm sure the strong alcoholic beverages I intend on imbibing will help immensely. *laughs* Yes, alcohol is a good answer to many of life’s uncomfortable moments, or so the irresponsible bits of me so oft insist.

So happy Fourth of July! May yours be as productive or as unproductive as my own. Cheers! (And let’s all hope that alcohol plus cross stitch doesn’t leave me muttering and frogging, muttering and frogging). *smiles*
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