December 7th, 2008


It's Christmas Photo Time!


I would like to take this moment for a public service announcement:
Never, ever, ever should it be said (however flippantly), "Oh no, I've not really had any trouble with the kitties and the Christmas tree. Even the kittens have pretty much left it alone."

No, seriously, do not even read the above sentence aloud lest some wandering cat should overhear you. *sighs* My current tree is only 4 years old but I question if it will survive the season.

I know that it is already slated for post-Christmas disposal.

I've never actually seen cats pull entire faux-limbs off a metal and wire hewn structure, however, I could (and WOULD!) testify before the US Congress that such is ENTIRELY possible. *rolls eyes*

All of this after I even let them open some of their presents early. *sighs* Children these days really are just selfish brats. *smiles*

Alright then! Enough of that! On with the show:

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Merry Christmas!
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