November 23rd, 2008

yzak mad

Sore wa *Celestial Being* da!


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Yes, it will most likely be more of the same. We are how many "versions" in now, and still meditating on the feasibility of halting conflict though the use of conflict? Forget variations on a theme. We have only THE theme. *grins*

But still, my twisted soul yearns for more. *shrugs* At least the bois are cute... *laughs*
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shoulder kiss

J. Washington Irving has already thrown-over Gundam in favor of :


Yes. I've been needing a good, dark master/butler story ever since the end of The Cain Saga/Godchild. How I have missed my twisted Victorian angst!

But. I never thought I would see so many people killed with forks. Really. Forks. It is spoons-only for me for a good while. *smiles*
...The car off of a cliff bit though--great. It's always nice to see the evil underlings mentally tortured before their painful, flaming demise. Mwahahaha.
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