January 6th, 2008

44oz Huh?

J. Washington Irving...

...is profoundly disturbed at how difficult it is to find a one meter piece of 22 count white aida fabric in our brilliantly modern world.

(What can I say; I lead a deep and introspective life).

Yes, Virginia, there is life beyond 18 count. *sighs*

In other, much less frustrating news, I adopted a 7 week old kitten a few days ago to help Mozart recover (I had come to believe that he really needed an ally and that a good portion of his problem was straight loneliness). So far, his positive improvement since the introduction of his tiny brother has been most amazing. Jealously and a strong sense of one-up-manship can be great motivators. He is once more gaining weight and actually spent all of yesterday about the house (as opposed to sleeping under the covers of the bed, listless and drained). He is still by no means healthy, but for the first time in a long while, I have hope. *fingers crossed that he’ll be saved, yet*
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brain broken

J. Washington Irving would like to sheepishly admit...

...that she just found three tubes of 30" x 36" 22 count Hardanger White aida tucked in the corner between two bookshelves that she apparently scored on sale a good while ago...

While the name "retardo" seems to be ringing about in her head, she will admit to being quite happy. *grins*
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