December 19th, 2007

movie kendai

For the record:

(1) Yes, I am aware of all the anxiety and drama over the recent LiveJournal announcements.

(2) No, I do not believe that any amount of talking (or posting, or crying, or screaming or threatening) will affect what is going to happen even one iota. (Just call me a fatalist).

(3) Yes, I would rather things go back to the way they were in before, when LJ was by invite only and totally nonprofit (and no, I do not mean that I want *you* [that is, anyone who did not previously have access] to be kicked from LJ, only that things were much, much simpler then. Funny how, when so few people have access to something [even something wonderful] that it cannot be used to make money, the world just doesn't seem to give a right shit about what you thinking or saying).

(4) Time, despite of our attempts to understand why, only seems to move in one direction. Control to chaos, order to disorder, tranquility to entropy (you get the point). Regardless, it is a universal truth that no matter how great something starts off, it will inevitably be destroyed by time itself. Just hope LJ holds out a little longer. :)

Until then, expect to be burdened with stories of Kikumaru doing her damnest to eat HamHam (our hamster) or George's increasingly twisted attempts at convincing Mozart (our newest kitten who will have his picture posted just as soon as I take it...) that she both loves him and wants to hurt him.

After all, life, (and time) have little to say about LJ, sixapart or SUP, and frankly, I like it better that way.

J. Washington Irving
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