May 29th, 2007

Jama Yama

Manchmal sich zu verstecken ist sicherer, hinter meinen wörtern...

Manchmal (normalerweise) meine telefon disconects benutzer nach einem ring. Für die aufzeichnung: dieses ist nicht ich! Ich tue nicht dies! Schuld AT&T!

Ich bin müde meistens müde, und traurig, aber.

Oh-- und ich daß denken, was livejournal zu yaoi_daily tut und dergleichen ist falsch.

... gerade für die aufzeichnung, gleichwohl versteckt meinen absichten sein kann.

jamalyn ist sehr, sehr müde. Ja.
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Ishida I don't care

fuck words

[Edit]: I take the post below back. All of it. And in exchange would like to offer the following to the critics of free thought: Shove off!! We were better off without you, anywho.

In the name of all would-be, should-be, could-be tasteless art I declare: Stand up for what you love. It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees (eh, natch?).

And so if you cannot understand that someone else’s interests might differ from your own, then you've only proven that you never had the ability (and most certainly not the right) to wield authority over anyone or anything. Who do you think you're kidding?

Shits and grins,
J. Washington Irving

I never thought that I would say this: You people have worn me out. I give in, so tell me, clearly now, how is it I should live my life and where should my interests lie.

Sorry for having been born so very screwed in the head. I am sure with counseling that this, too, shall be relegated to yet another blip in the otherwise appropriate life I live.

fuck you,
J. Washington Irving
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