January 3rd, 2007


Trouble with Tribbles

I am not a solid Naruto fan. That is to say, I'm not the sort to eagerly await the newest fan-sub release. However, I do occasionally go on all-out Naruto binges.

I am in the mist of one now.

Moving on, whilst watching today's episodes, I stumbled across the following title page:

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...and began to absolutely crack up.

I laughed so hard that I totally missed the main point of the episode and had to start from the beginning. I laughed so hard that I am still currently experiencing physical pain. I laughed so hard that all three (three?) cats came to peak in the office.

*shakes head* Such an utter nerd.

But an amused nerd all the same.

Now for a short Naruto pause as I sniff out the extra fur-ball that seems to have made my home it's own. :) Cats. I give up.
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