December 12th, 2006


It Lives

Well, I finally managed to snag internet coverage again, and a good thing, too. You see, I was sneaking dangerously close to the 1-week edge.

What is the 1-week edge, you question.

Simple really. The way my mind works is this: The first 12-24 hours after something that has been relatively stable in my life (say, for instance, internet access) disappears, I am a mad woman (really: picture the rattling bars of all-too-necessary cages and loud, pained screams). When we hit the 72 hour mark, I began to calm. Within five days I am, once again, a fully functioning human being. But the catch lies in the seventh day.

Should the seventh day pass without things returning to their pre-change status, the current status becomes the (quote)(unquote) baseline.

This means that I am more likely to leave things as they are than to actively seek to change them to what they were before said change. Confused? Ha! Keep it together! Anyway...

I was within 10 hours of the 7-day mark when my internet was reconnected, and whilst mildly disconcerting, I find myself gently, if all-too-quickly slipping back into what was soon-to-become an unnatural way of life.

Aren't you happy? ;)

Anyway, here is an (illegal) copy of some Garfield comics that seemed to hit too close to home. :)

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