September 17th, 2006

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The Last Unicorn

Yeah, there's nothing pervy about this movie...Nothing at all...

I only snorted Diet Coke through my nose when they showed this scene:

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Later they make out like that's a female tree and he's squeezed between two rosey bosoms.

All I have to say is this: yeah. right. :D :D :D
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It's actually raining...

Shocking news, but it is actually raining here. This is the first time that it has rained for more than two or three hours since hurricane Rita passed over the area a year ago. Needless to say, it is a much, much needed rain and still not likely to be enough. But at the very least, it is rain. :)

Naturally, this made me think about Houston. It rains all the time in Houston. Buckets. And I miss that probably most of all. I miss squeaky muddy shoes and constricting wet socks that never quite dry out but rather, enhance the air-conditioning to the point that your toes almost go numb. Strange, no? :) I loved it. I loved the big storms. The bigger, the better. I loved the biggest, nastiest, lightiningest, thunderingist, hailingest storms the gulf could brew (my car once got hail damage twice in the same August). They have always fascinated me. My favorite place to weather them was my balcony, not quite far back enough to be safe from the spray.

Even now, I can almost remember how that felt.

The lighter, less dangerous storms I often enjoyed from the large oriental-style bridge that arched across Hermann Park lake. There's no telling how many times I was offered random umbrellas or asked if there was someone that could be called. :) I'm not crazy. ;)

Just nostalgic.

I clicked over to the Earth Cam site and pulled up Houston's camera which films the far end of Hermann Park, over near what I always thought of as the Washington Memorial wanna-be. But it is night, and no you cannot see anything.

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I was, however amused with the weather report. No its not raining. Its just Houston.

Temp: 86 F
Humidity: 66.2% (yeah, that's kind of low for this time of year)
Feels Like: 104 F (what a cool breezy evening)

Its hard to remember ever living in any other environment. It's hard to imagine never returning.
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