June 30th, 2005


I never knew being so unatural would be so...natural.

*Gives a nervous sort of pause.*

I believe that my computer issues are temporarily resolved.

That is, if the above statement did not just jinx the entire thing. :)

I risk computer sacrilege today to bring you a special sort of treat. As I have mentioned before, I collect old books. I am especially fond of books in which the previous owner has left their thoughts. But only second on my list of favorites are old medical texts. (Yes, I like to point and laugh, knowing, full well, that in a hundred years someone will run across one of my old textbooks and be astounded by the utter stupidity I called my science).

Whilst reading through a book I acquired only today I discovered this gem. It is an essay titled The Purpose of Marriage contained within the chapter: Sex Hygiene. I thought it especially fitting bearing in mind the recent inundation of arguments on that very same subject.

First, a disclaimer:

1. These are not my thoughts. They were shamelessly copied out of a book.
2. This is a book that was published in 1937.
3. The authors of this particular bit are no doubt either decrepit past the point of caring or dead (past the point of caring) so raving about their idiocy will not do anyone any good. :)
4. It really is funny and it really is okay to laugh.

Bearing all of this in mind:

Collapse )

Perhaps some day I will share with you the authors’ thoughts on masturbation or sexual frigidity (It’s all your mother’s fault!). Tut, tut, tut. ;)
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