April 20th, 2005

with love

Smile for Me

I am sorry. I know where I’ve been, really, I just had not realized that I had been there for so long. I have thought of you so often, but in the end, never quite made it here, work, or more accurately, fatigue always winning out.

I am sorry, though. :) I have every intention of catching up on everything…though offer no guarantees on how long that that will take me. :p

My life today is 100% different from my life of one month ago and, perhaps strangely, this excites me. For the first time in years I do not have any one thing that I have to do. Soon, the lack of regular funds will have me questioning the reality of any such freedom. :) But I am far from fearful! Work for the wayward pharmacist is plentiful, right? Right. ;)

I think that its time to try something wonderfully different.

Wish me luck!

Things that have changed in just over one month:
● The pope is dead.
● Gas prices have risen from $1.57 a gallon to $2.17
● Camilla and Charles have wed.
● FF.net has changed its rating system.
● My favorite French sweetshop has become a Domino’s Pizza.
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