September 21st, 2004

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2 Posts in 2 Days! Will wonders never cease?

I stopped by the used book store this morning (I have been meaning to read the Manchurian Candidate for years now but have never actually purchased the book. I decided that I would procrastinate no longer—only, they did not have a copy. Bah).

But far be it from me to leave a bookstore with out a bag of books…

I bought a copy of The Decameron (Giovanni Boccaccio) that made the counter attendant smirk. I’m sure he would be morally outraged if he had a clue about how young I was the first time I read it (I only bought it because I was feeling nostalgic).

You know, my early reading endeavors could go a long way to explaining my current self…


Nah… ;)

Other Purchases:
1. The Little Guides Cookies
2. Mary Englebreit’s Cookies Cookbook
3. The Cook’s Encyclopedia of Cookies

Catch a theme?

I’ve really wanted to bake cookies lately. I love cookies (I love to eat cookies, but I will not allow myself). I love to give people cookies (because they then feel the need to praise you endlessly—or at the very least, for the rest of the day). Most of all, I just love all types of baking.

I have cookies on the brain.

Only I live in an efficiency apartment, so very efficient that it doesn’t even have an oven (only a stove top, sink and fridge), so baking (in any traditional sense) is impossible.

Why is it that we always want the very thing we cannot have?



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I was drawing Chinese fortune sticks (Chien Tung) earlier and pulled a 13.

Thirteen is not good.

Naturally, I tried again, only to get 13 a second time.

Frustrated and more than slightly perturbed (I am NOT superstitious—bah!) I gave the canister a really good shake and drew again.


Fortune is not a lady to be cheated. Now to only get through today so that tomorrow might bring a better outlook.
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Look at Me! Look at Me!

Continuing with the desensitization theme:

There was a snippet/preview for the evening news that ran, “A well known Texas trail rider was murdered. Tune in at nine to find out why New York detectives are on the case.”

About which Mai joked, “Not a Pace fan?”

(For those that never saw the Pace/New York city commercials—well, I won’t bother explaining).

But really, a man was murdered and we are making picante sauce jokes? (I admit that I found the remark funny).
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