September 15th, 2004

bw akira

Things I never want to hear again...

Frightening Friend Quote: Your cantaloupe tastes like bad cheddar…

Even More Frightening Friend Quote: Yet I can’t stop eating it.


Your anime hair color is green.

What is your anime hair color?
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I have finally made it so that the friends page matches my main journal. Perhaps one day I will actually get around to finishing off the rest. Perhaps… :)


There are many reasons why I will never be considered a good driver. Among them:

- I drive much to fast...
- I tend to wiggle-dance to my much too loud radio...
- I am fascinated by the way the city lights up at night (it’s like Christmas year round)...
- I am usually drinking a Diet Coke...
- My mind is usually a hundred miles away...

But, by far the worst, is my tendency to watch what ever is playing on the flip down screen of the car in front of me.



Really need to nip that one in the bud. Yeesh.


Current manga wishlist (as my mind flit and flitters):

1. Fruits Basket #15
2. Hunter x Hunter #1, 2 and 6+
3. Hikaru no Go #24
4. X-1999
5. Tokyo Babylon
6. Yorozuya Toukaidou Honpo #9
7. Kizuna #2+ (possibly)

Now, obviously some of those have not yet been released (FB, HnG). But I would like to get the ones that have. Unfortunately, it is the justification of the purchase that is causing me my difficulties (after having been told that "because I want them" will not suffice). Bah.

Seems to me that I should be allowed to waste, er, spend my money any way that I choose! :p
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