July 28th, 2004

movie kendai

A spoonful of...sugar?

I have some very strange friends.

Very strange indeed.

I have some very strange friends who often ask very strange things.

I have some very strange friends who ask very strange things in very strange ways.

Ahhh…how to explain…

I have some very strange friends, who, strangely enough, don’t think it particularly strange to ask very strange questions such as: Have you ingested any arsenic lately? That you know of?

Whaa…? I mean sure, I use it to sweeten my coffee. >.> (Sarcasm may be taking over my life).

I am strongly considering having the following cards printed:

To whom it may concern: Dear Sir or Madam,


Cordially yours, with the utmost respect and regard,
Washington Irving

My own question: Since when did My Heart Will Go On become classical music?
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