June 13th, 2004

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Tomatoes of pain

CNN was playing Sweet Dreams by the Eurythmics during one of their segments. It was ... interesting.

The woman downstairs had an amazing blowout with her husband/boyfriend/lover that culminated in her throwing him out, along with about three dozen cherry tomatoes (aimed, apparently, at his head).

At first they were this terrible pulpy mess all over the sidewalks, but now they’ve dried in the summer sun and are making me want to cook spaghetti. :) Mmm, other people’s pain should not be making me hungry.
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Well fed and chatty...

It is strange.

I only add this, because, now well fed (I opted for a tomato and provolone sandwich with massive amounts of onions and lettuce rather than spaghetti--fear my breath o'death), with little else to do and the internet, or television, or a book: anything standing wide open in front of me I realize that I am happy.

I’m still tired. My muscles are responding a little too slowly and my head is floating a little too high but that part of me that was screaming seems to have quieted.

It is good; good in a take-a-deep-breath-and-smile-at-nothing-and-no-one-in-particular way. My music is playing and I can hear tinkering-about in the kitchen.

And for the first time in what feels like a very long time, I actually find that relaxing, calming. It’s been so long I had actually forgotten how this calm feels.

Hmm, I think I want to actually communicate. Go, anyone? Or maybe I should just write. I’m tired enough to realize that I won’t be up for long but it seems so pointless to just let this pass.

Happiness is, after all, notoriously fleeting. :)

Washington Irving

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