April 16th, 2004

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Figurines that fall like leaves the disappear, keep calling
Is it real? Is it real?
Dark machines that wheeze and breathe then mock the air, appalling
What is real? What is real?
This world can really be too much
I can't take another day
I guess that I've just had enough
My minds slipping far away
I'm falling out of touch
Could someone please explain?

Set my mind for open sky, but couldn't fly, so sadly
What am I? What am I?
Sullen eyes shed teardrop lies then criticize, now laughing
What is real? What is real?
It's really all become too much
I'm not sure what I should feel
I guess I've finally had enough
I don't know if this is real
I'm crashing in and out of touch
Can anyone please explain?

~Is It Real? (Cowboy Bebop)

I’ve been reading too many books with insane characters as of late. I can feel them curling deep into my brain, and that is never a good thing. :)

But I have the book reviews as promised. Short and sweet, as implied.

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ILLUMI - Cold, dangerous and initially unemotional,you are certainly one hard catch. With a
cunning surpassed by but a few, you can manipulate semes to think that they control
you, then make them suffer a slow, painful death once you grow tired of their arrogance.
But as surprising as this may sound, it is possible to tame you. A strong and patient seme
can earn your trust, and once you're convinced that he's worthy, your seme will find a loyal,
humble uke who knows his place.

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