March 19th, 2004

movie kendai

Life Changes

I have done something drastic.

My hair, it’s all gone. Well, mostly anyway. I cut off (or rather had a professional cut off) nearly 4 feet of hair.

I’d still like to have had her cut it even shorter, but she seemed hesitant. Perhaps she thought that it would have been too much of a shock for me. I guess she didn’t realize that I was going for shocking. As it is, it is now just at my chin. I kept whacking myself in the face with the ends when I would check over my shoulder while driving home.

I was just so tired of always having to pull up my hair, always having to fix it. Its nice to know that all I’ll have to do now is brush it, even if I do keep trying to brush hair that is not there. :)

I’m not telling anyone (well except here) because I’m not exactly sure the reactions will be good. In fact, I know for a truth that C---- will be very un-happy. He doesn’t exactly approve of women with short hair (that is to say, women of his acquaintance with short hair). He’ll be upset I didn’t ask him, but then I’d be the fool knowing that he’d only say no.

I suppose that he is right and that one of these days I’ll have to grow up and start acting and dressing like an adult.

But for the time being, I’d like to keep that at someday rather than today.

I just can’t handle it being today.
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