March 17th, 2004

bw akira

Pharmacy Humor

You know what I love about pharmacists? They think that it is funny to announce in bold red letters at the top of a newsletter that the Houston chapter of SSHP’s annual seminar is going to be held in Houston. (THIS YEAR, IT’S HERE IN HOUSTON!)

You know what I hate about pharmacists? They think that that is funny.

I can almost hear them giggling.

(Yes, I laughed myself before rolling my eyes and hiding it under a stack of journals). :)

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Dude Looks Like a Lady

I have never written a song fic, not even in my more exuberant days of X-Phile youth. However, as I was coming home today I heard Dude Looks Like a Lady and was nigh overcome with the urge to write a kensuke.

I don’t really know what about; only that it would involve a dress, preferably short. :)

And Ken, lots of Ken.


An apparently unnecessary literary device, (in my sick, twisted world any-hoo). :)
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