March 13th, 2004


Grace born of age...or not.

I was out walking today, enjoying the beautiful weather (the cherry trees are everywhere) when it started to rain. (Again). Since I had Catcher in the Rye with me and I didn’t want to read a wet book, I slipped into the old Catholic church across the street from where I was at that moment and snuggled down in a pew in the back to read.

It was dim, but doable.

After I had been there for probably 15 minutes or so, a youngish man wearing a priest’s collar walked up and real nicely asked if there was something I wanted to talk about. “No,” I told him, doing my best to be discrete about my book (yes I did feel a little guilty for using their church as a storm shelter).

“Alright then,” he answered, standing back up, “I’ll let you alone.” He paused, turning away for a moment before smiling back down over his shoulder, “That’s a good book,” he nodded at the novel I was very nearly sitting on by this point, “I had to read it in high school, too.”

High school, too!? High school!?


I didn’t know if I should feel hideously offended or magnificently complemented. So in the end, I just smiled. :)

High school!?
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