March 7th, 2004

akira cry

Fanfiction Hurts

I am at a loss. I cannot decide if the word I mean to use is feigned or feinted. Either would work, but both will change the meaning of what is being said ever so slightly; just enough so that I cannot allow myself to use them interchangeably. I guess that what I’m saying is that the character has yet to garner (gather?) shape enough to call the decision one way or another.

I thought I had this character fixed in my head.

Also currently under debate: vocabulary.

Is it ostentatious to use words for which there are lesser equivalents? Should a fic’s verbiage, either natural (i.e. a member of the author’s own vocabulary) or augmented (determined via a thesaurus), be maintained on any predetermined level?

Good words do not a good author make, but do they help?
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movie kendai

Bordom Strikes Back!

Okay, I play a lot of Go against my computer.

Yes, I’m just that boring.

In fact, I am so boring that I’m going to bore you further with this comment:

I wish that igowin had a resign button.

That, or that I had any inclination to play real people. :p

I do fairly well against the computer up until I hit about 8 kyu. After that, the vicious little thing turns on me, rabid teeth bared and rips me to barely living shreds.

About halfway through, I can clearly see this coming (its difficult to miss yourself being obliterated from igo existence) and would like nothing more than to admit my defeat in the face of a cruelly superior opponent.

Only there is no resign button on igowin.

So rather than save what little face I have, I must sit there and watch as this sanctimonious, you-thought-you-were-doing-well-so-watch-me-kick-your-butt-from-here-to-Torranto program forces me into a corner or worse yet, surrounds me completely and scours my dreams into the pixilated goban with seemingly effortless ease.


I would have been working on a fic, only it was frustrating me too. I had been reading a book, but it began depressing me. I should make use of the mind-sapping banalities my television offers, but I can’t quite bring myself to submit just yet.

So instead, I bore cyberspace.

Sorry, cyberspace. :)
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