February 13th, 2004

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In Today's News

I do realize that this amuses me only because I am a simple, simple person...but nevertheless, I give you today's news articles, clipped from CBS News (online):

Town Spirit Banned

CLIMAX, Minn. - Showing town spirit in Climax is cause for punishment in this Minnesota town.

Shirley Moberg, superintendent of Climax-Shelly schools, said T-shirts bearing the town's slogan “Climax - More than just a feeling,” are inappropriate because of the sexual innuendo.

About a dozen students wore centennial T-shirts to school this week in protest, and one girl was sent home Wednesday for refusing to turn her shirt inside out.

School officials had said nothing to students wearing the shirts until recently, when a teacher wore it to school and a person complained. The shirts are no longer allowed to be worn at school, she said.

Climax, a town of 270 near the North Dakota border, adopted the “More than a feeling” slogan in 1996 for its centennial. The slogan was used in advertising and promotions, and the T-shirts have been around for years.

The students who wore the shirt to school Wednesday were told to go to the bathroom and turn it inside out. All did, except 18-year-old Bethany Grove, a senior, who was suspended for the afternoon.

“The T-shirt has been a tradition,” Grove said. “It's been around for almost 10 years. A lot of people have them.”

Meth, Crack In The Classroom

NEWPORT, Ark. - A prison math teacher was reprimanded for substituting units of cocaine and methamphetamines while testing inmates on their multiplication skills.

Instead of using apples and oranges to calculate ratios, the instructor at an Arkansas prison used rocks of cocaine and meth ingredients. Among the questions:

- “Rico sells 422 rocks per week in four different territories. He wants to expand to seven different territories. If he continues to sell at the same rate how many rocks per week will he sell in seven territories?"

- “Jim Bob is cookin crystal meth in his back yard.” After giving the formula for meth, the teacher posed the question, “How many Sudafedrine pills must he mix with 2.8 quarters of amonia?"

The teacher said he learned the equation from his students, according to Arkansas Department of Correction spokeswoman Dina Tyler.

“Which makes sense - they're the ones who would know,” Tyler said.

A letter of reprimand was placed in the teacher's file, she said.

By the way, the answer to the first question above is 738.5 rocks.


I was reading an article in Reader’s Digest over lunch today when Mai came up and pointing to a picture in the upper left corner, asked:

“Is that your mother?”

“No...” I replied, “It’s the first lady.”

“Oh...” She still seemed confused.

“And thus, not my mother.”

A lightbulb flickered on in her head, “Hmm. I suppose that means that the president isn’t your father.”

“Astute deduction.” I congratulated.

The workings of Mai’s mind are different.

Now as to why she thought there would even be a picture of my mother in Reader’s Digest... That I cannot answer.


Man, I swear it’s only been a few days since I last looked at Yuki but he has... blossomed.

Well, not with flowers (although in a few more years he should actually bloom); he has put on massive new growth. He has new branches sprouting new branches and that amazes me.

He’s gone from being somewhat well shaped (though admittedly not too well shaped) to being overgrown and clash-ish.

Great word usage, I know. :)

I need to take a picture of him. I need to find my camera. I live in a matchbox so it shouldn’t be that difficult. *rolls eyes* Famous last words, as they say.

But I’d like to take a picture before I trim him back. Its rather like how you take lots of pictures of a loved one when you think they may be dying. Trimming Yuki always makes me nervous.

And yes, it’s only Yuki. I attacked the plants on my front balcony with enough gusto to fill a 20-gallon trashcan with trimmings and make my neighbor mutter, “Ruthless...”

That felt good... but... Yuki I don’t want to hurt.

I suppose that if he knew that, it would make him feel better.

Too bad he can’t read minds. :)
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