February 4th, 2004

akira cry

Suicidal Seagulls

I killed a seagull today.

Mai’s not talking to me, only muttering random words like vicious and killer. I never realized that she was so fond of seagulls.

I contend that it was a suicidal seagull and as such I was merely facilitating its demise.

It was an accident really. I was driving today and pulling into the parking lot, I noticed a seagull standing in the middle of the aisle watching me.

Now I know that you are not supposed to play in cars. I know.

But that in no way means that I don’t.


So anyway, I put the car in neutral and revved the engine some making my own “Vroom, vroom,” sounds at the same time.

I would like to state for the record that if AnhMai was going to object, then this would have been a good time.

The seagull obviously wasn’t afraid; he just kept staring at me.

So I put the car back into drive and hit the gas.

Not excessively. Really. I don’t think the car ever even made it above 30 mph. And I fully expected the seagull to fly away.

For the third time, really.

Only he ... did not.

Or rather he did, but not soon enough.

Unless, as I fully believe, he was suicidal and aiming for the nose of my car, in which case his timing was perfect.

In the words of Wormmon, “Its not my fault!”

Zoom, Zoom!
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