January 24th, 2004

movie kendai

You really don’t like me, do you? ~Saito to Yahiko

Rejoice! And Give Thanks!

The Digimon wall is now complete! Thank-you!

Some how I managed to incorporate nearly 24 pages of extra pictures (as they print via Word) and still have extra sticky tack left over.

How is that physically possible?

Rather like the popcorn in milk trick, no?


Been watching lots of Rurouni Kenshin, lots and lots. I come home, and hit play on the DVD player and just let whatever disc I was in the middle of resume and listen to it as I putter about the house.

I’m a complete sap for the part where Kenshin says goodbye to Kaoru.

Yes. I know it is one of the most melodramatic and heavy-handed “look how much we love each other but dare not say” scenes in anime.

Yes. I’ve been called a complete twat for getting teary eyed.

No. I don’t care. :)

But, as much as I like that scene, it pales in comparison to ANY scene containing Saito. I love Saito. It broke my heart like its never been broken by a cartoon character when I found out he was married (though secretly I do harbor the wish to meet his wife because I can’t help but imagine her as wonderfully off and yet incredibly gentle).

Vicious, cold, deadly and with a wicked sense of humor and a deeply hidden soft side; how can a girl say no?

I find myself looking for tall dark assassins as I walk down the street.

He would be absolutely infuriating.

But fun.

I did take a Rurouni Kenshin break long enough to watch two classic Godzilla movies.

They really are distinctly, horribly Japanese.

Naturally, I loved them.

I’d have watched the rest of the marathon if it hadn’t already been 3:00 am. :)


I have developed a bit of a problem.

I love origami. (No, this is not the problem).

I love origami books. (Nope, not this one either).

I love origami paper. (This is the problem).

It is something about those perfectly cut stacks in all those beautiful colors and designs. I cannot bring myself to use them. I love them too much to risk mis-folding.

It is entirely crazy. I bought them to fold, not to look at, not to admire.

I need help. :)

This is not to say that I’ve stopped folding. No, only that I will take the time to cut not-always-so-perfect little squares out of colored printing paper rather than actually use one of the papers for which I have already paid perfectly good money.

I do everything I can to firmly maintain my saneness, but things like this make even me wonder.
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