December 19th, 2003

movie kendai

I don't.

Mai is trying to get me married.

I’ve been set up on so many this-isn’t-a-blind-date-so-don’t-give-me-that-look blind dates that it is NOT funny anymore.

And to think, until this point I’ve never lost my sense of humor. ;)

I know she means well, I do, but really now. This is my life we are playing with and I’m not exactly sure I want to hitch my wagon to any particular person at the moment.

So just a fair warning: Should these journal entries suddenly cease, it is because I was pushed too far and simply imploded.

If there is anything simple about implosion anyway.

What brings this up now? I just sat through another train wreck with yet another of J---‘s (Mai’s husband) colleagues. An ophthalmologist, naturally, as birds of a feather flock together, who did not understand what I found so funny about his complement of my “most interesting eyes.”

Some people just can’t appreciate irony. :)

And I just can’t appreciate some people. Yes, I will be thoroughly chewed out over this, and no, I can’t seem to make myself care.

After the last fiasco I told Mai never to fear, that I would soon reach that magical age where my mother’s patience finally wears out and I am introduced to one of my father’s business associates. Six months later we would marry and three or so years later, I’d get around to asking him if he had a middle name.

She burst into tears.

She really should have been an actress.

Is it really so terribly wrong to prefer your own company?

Besides, I was only teasing.

The engagement would be 3 months, tops. :p
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