November 12th, 2003

akira cry

Tetra-meal Me

I’ve got me a new toy. Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister by Gregory Maguire (a man who more than rather resembles what I imagine would be an adult Harry Potter). It’s wonderful, given that you can remember how powerless it can be to be a child, how hurtful first love can be.

I’ve only put it down now in the hopes of doing what it is I really need to be doing, only to find my attention drawn by yet another black, black hole. I glance to where the book is lying on the bed, pink panda bookmark holding my place barely 1/3 of the way in and wonder, since I’m not actually accomplishing anything…

But ALAS! I throw a melodramatic hand to my forehead; I cannot allow myself to be swayed by such obvious temptation.

I giggle at my own foolishness as Shindo picks up a rock and spits it at the wall of his tank as if to say, “Since you’re procrastinating anyway, mind procrastinating me some dinner?”

Oh to be slave to a fish.
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