October 24th, 2003

movie kendai

The wittle fishy who ranith away...

Today’s phone conversation of interest:


Friend: So did you see this month’s newsletter?

Me: No, I never read those.

Friend: They spelt my name wrong. Why have they never been able to spell my name right?

Me: I don’t know.

Friend: You never know anything.

Me: I know.

Friend: ... ... ... Did you see the article about Dr. Ordonez?

Me: I don’t read the newsletter.

Friend: Well anyway, it was a nice article. Did you know that her husband was a black belt?

Me: No.

Friend: He is. She has two ki—MORTIMER!! GET BACK HERE THIS INSTANT! MORTIMER!! I got to go. *click*

Me: ... ... ...

[End Excerpt]




Mortimer is a FISH.


Why do I know these people?!
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