May 14th, 2003

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Color change and AnhMai

I've turned everything upside down again. I guess I can love green for only so long. Oh well. At least it's not pink. I was seriously considering going pink. I've been on a pink binge as of late, and am at a complete loss to explain it.

But rather than leave you with a completely substance-less entry, I'll leave you with some of my favorite quotes from Mai. (Yes!! This is substance. Oh, quit being such an argumentative twit!) My responses are in italics.

Sorry. I heard the hokey pokey and I had to see what was happening.
Ahhhhhhh!!! OUT! OUT! OUT! Didn't you mother ever teach you to knock?!

Did you know that you can type the word sex with one hand?
Step away from my computer.

No. I'm from northeast southwest Texas.
Did you just rip up my map?!

Can I give an injectable IV? Oh God! Please no. Don't answer that.
(I did explain that, ignoring the fact that I wouldn't suggest something she could not use, her question was legitimate, as not all injectable formulations are meant to be given intravenously.)

Yes. All metal. Even the plastic parts.

I don't work. ... At Walmart.
You should really tell them that.

Dr Prince: (about my Digimon lunch box) You just don't see many adults with things like that. But it's nothing to be embarassed about!
Mai: That's the scary part; she's not.
Bite my ass.

Hi. My name is Jamalyn.
I'm AnhMai.
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