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PC Dragons

The Children’s Museum is running an exhibit called Dragons and Fairies about Vietnamese culture.

Mai is always asking to go to a museum, any museum.

I don’t mind; I like museums.

So I approached her with the idea of going to this particular exhibit (note: I mentioned nothing about it being about Vietnamese history and culture). I was thinking, “Ya’know, Mai loves dragons and I don’t particularly mind either dragons or fairies; it should be interesting.”

She draws in an affronted breath and firmly declares, “I’m FRENCH!”

After a few rapid blinks, I answer just as loudly, “You’re American!” (She emigrated from France over eight years ago and is a full citizen—something she is normally more than happy to admit, and I know (having been forced myself to renounce my German citizenship in order to become an American citizen) that she has renounced her French one).

*rolls eyes* It’s so difficult to be politically correct with perpetually politically incorrect people. You just never know what to expect.

But we are going. :)

(For those wondering, AnhMai is just as Vietnamese as she is French. That is to say that her past is her past regardless of what she may or may not tell you. Its an interesting story, but not mine to tell).

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