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Early Morning Grumblings

*Jamalyn lets out a frustrated growl.*


There is this fic, a Digimon fic, that I really, really (I swear I really do) want to work on.


I won’t.

It seems every time I clear the way to work on said fic, something else pops up. No, it’s not something easy to clear, like say, life. It is always another fic.

And it is not that I don’t want to work on these other fics, I do, and therein lies the problem.

Stir into this ghastly brew the fact that I write at approximately the rate that glass flows and you get a bottleneck (no pun intended).

There is something unexplainably exciting about starting a brand new fic; something that you can’t quite find anywhere else. Admittedly, that feeling wears off about halfway through when you are smacked with the reality of having to finish what you started in a fairly timely manner, despite the fact that doing so goes against every bone in your body.

That is the one thing I can honestly credit fanfiction.net with; once you post, you can’t just drop a fic into oblivion with out feeling at least a little guilty, and so things do tend to get finished, if haphazardly.

I’d say you should pity me, that I’m the only one to suffer from such difficulties, but I’ve read enough authors’ notes to know that that’s about as far from the truth as is humanly possible. :p

It is just, as I growled, frustrating.

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