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re: rabbit award

A little background information: My mother has a rabbitry. Her rabbitry has a website, which I maintain (i.e. check to make sure it’s still there at least once a year).

Part of my so-called maintenance is responding to the people who apply for her website award.

I tried to do that this evening but the email was bounced back with the following message:

doglover3509@netscape.com: does not like recipient.

Remote host said: 550

doglover3509@netscape.com: Recipient address rejected. This user does not have an account here.

Remote host said: Giving up on

Them: I don’t like you.
Me: Well 550 to you too!
Them: Uh-huh. I’m not letting you talk to me like that.
Me: Yeah, yeah. Talk to the hand.


Yes, I’m easily amused.

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