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Home again, home again. Jiggity Jog.

This may not surprise you if you’ve clicked any of the links I keep posting here, but I like web comics. There are only two or three (maybe four) that I ever read on a regular basis and only one that I have taken the time to link to. (See the link for Questionable Content over under interests).

But every so often I accidentally (i.e. go out looking for) come across a new comic that I find…entertaining.

Such is No Need for Bushido. It’s not rocket science, or even good social commentary, but if you are someone who has sat through every episode of Rurouni Kenshin ever produced (including every last OVA!), then you’d probably get a good kick out of this one.

It’s like a sarcastic and skill-less Kenshin, run amok.

Yori: Hey! I’m not a girl. I just have long hair!

Why plain language should always be used with the unenlightened. :)

I have also (as you may have noticed) changed my default image from D N Angel’s Daisuke to AnK. No this does not mean that I now stand in support of smoking, only that I thought he was pleasing to the eye, cigarette or no.


Update: The Digimon wall is now 73% complete! How do I know that it is exactly 73%? You don't want to know. ;)


My ff.net paid account is good until the middle of February. After that, I’m not so sure I’ll be renewing. Part of me says, it’s only $25, why fuss; just keep with the status quo, but another part...

The reasons that I original bought into ff.net were (1) because I wanted a profile picture and (2) for the author and review alerts. Now that author and review alerts are available to all users, half of my reason for being a paid member is gone.

I realize that it is shallow of me to feel absolutely no obligation to support the site if only because of what it stands for (a place for nobodies such as myself to post) but so be it.

Honestly, part of me is tired of playing the fan fiction game.

Fan fiction writing/reading (in general) seems to have degenerated into a world not for finding good here-to-now unpublished fiction but rather one for petting egos and playing political games. It is like a contest to the death to see who can prostrate themselves the farthest. No, I don’t think this of all authors. But it is not a game that I am willing to play with anyone. It’s like that old cartoon with the two squirrels or chipmunks, or maybe they were gophers that were so polite that they never managed to get anything done. That cartoon frustrated me to no end as a child and invariably ended with me turning of the television in disgust.

I may be a quiet person, but as one coworker warned a medical student who was attempting to use the ‘it’s my patient and I know what’s best’ card against me, “I wouldn’t do that or you’ll soon find yourself without knees.”

I’ve been called opinionated. I’ve been called much worse. Regardless, this is my decision.

Not that I won’t be posting any more of my sophomoric little insights, quotes or tales from my daily life. Quite the opposite, I’m sure.

But my account here is now also my home for posting my fan fiction and (more likely at the speed—or lack there of—at which I write), snippets and ideas for fan fiction I want to develop further (an idea admittedly ripped from ice_is_blue).

I still write, constantly (it seems at times). I’ve notebooks of stuff that I’ve never posted and have no intention of posting because I’ve nowhere I want to post them and because the way I write has become distinctly me and me is subtle. ;) Or gappy, it’s really reader’s choice. I like thinkers, people who can fill in the blanks themselves. Those are rare the world over.

My honest reason for moving though: I’ve simply decided that I like here. :)

Fic to-do list.

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