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Wet Manga

Japanese manga ruled obscene

It’s an interesting article, but one that makes me cluck, disapprovingly. :)

I’ll have to make a point to follow up.

I did find it interesting that the precedent was set with Lady Chatterley’s Lover. I’ve ready that book. I had to after noticing it’s name crop up again and again in dealings like this (‘tis me in a nutshell). It’s really not that shocking.

I don’t understand fear of sex.


It’s raining again, not that I am especially surprised. In Houston, it starts raining about mid-September and doesn’t end again until mid-May.

Okay, so maybe we have a few sunny days here and there, but they are rare, particularly in the part of town where I live. It’s nice because it does not get cold (I’m still running my air-conditioner) but it stinks in that nothing ever really gets dry, so that when we do get a rainless day (or even two or three in a row) it isn’t enough to clear up all the little pools of water collecting in any slight depression of earth and your shoes never quite stop squeaking. :) I suppose though, that I prefer it to desert.


Existentialism In Action

Mmmm, Nietzsche. I've read about him, but I've never actully read him. I want to though. The last book I read that mentioned him really kind of peaked my interest.

Books, however, have been placed on the list of things I don't really need.

Is that right? Should the list be revamped? Hmmmm.

I only put them on the list because someone once pointed out just how many I had (that is to say they were nicely saying that they believed me to have too many). Problem is, I've read those already.

Not that there's anything wrong with a re-read.

No, not a all. :)

It just seems like there's so much more out there that I haven't gotten to yet.


Oolong never fails to make me smile. He is such a sweetheart. I miss seeing new pictures of him. However, there is now a new bunny, Yuebing. He may never take Oolong's place, but he's too cute, too. :)


Pet peeve: Friends who call at 1:30 to tell you that they can’t sleep and then proceed to take the next 45 minutes to tell you all about a 30 minute television show they just watched in which someone you’ve never laid eyes upon organized their home.

*deep breath*

I really wasn’t cut out to be friendly.

She asked if perhaps it wouldn’t be too wrong to take some diphenhydramine. I tried not to sound too eager, assuming my most professional voice when I answered, “No.”

See, I was thinking pentobarbital 10 mg/kg.

But then, that would have put her into a barbiturate coma.

I don’t suppose that’s what she wanted. :)


*hums a happy tune*

I am happy! Happy, happy, happy.

Why you ask?

Simple. The pants I just bought are too short.


You don’t understand. I’ve always been a petite. Always. At 5 foot even, height has never been something I’ve been able to brag about.

But my newest pair of blue jeans are not long enough.

I’ve grown!

Of course logic insists that these are simply cut differently, as the pants I usually buy are no longer being sold in the store where I usually shop.


I was.

I had to buy a totally different brand. And since I have got everything against trying on clothes in the store, I did not realize until I put the pants on this morning that they were too short.

They’re not terribly high-water or anything like that. But they do show of a bit of ankle and I’m not used to that. Not at all. :)

Average, here I come!

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