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Cross Stitch Carping...

You know what really drives me way more crazy than it should? People who store their cross stitch floss like this:


I can hear you saying, "But I thought you used plastic totes and bobbins yourself..." To which I answer, "Yes. But I have enough sense to store the bobbins upright so I can read the G-DAMNED FUCKING NUMBERS LIKE A G-DAMNED FUCKING SANE PERSON."

Oh my god. Form over function at its most brain-dead. It's like the ass-hats who turn their book spines around because they like the way it looks. And all because someone who must not have ever stitched much decided the colors were "prettier" when the bobbins were displayed that way and then idiots who use their floss more as a status symbol than say, cross stitch tool said, hey you're right, and started following the leader (directly off the brain-dead cliff).

Anyway. I'm the idiot for letting it get to me. But still, every time I'm scrolling through a cross stitch group and see something like the image above the rage boils, deep inside. Yeah. I think they're fucking posers. Not that it matters. The kind of "stitchers" who would do something so dumb will either, one, stitch enough to figure out how stupid they're being and stand their bobbins up correctly or, two, never stitch enough to matter anyway. It's a problem that ultimately solves itself either way.

Still... I gift you my rage.

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