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Wow! Christmas in MAY!

Stitched what will be the back to my entry into the Just Cross Stitch Ornament contest. Of course... being me, I've actively sabotaged my chances at winning. For starters, a big part of the score is based on the design fitting the "christmas" theme. As some one who stitches multiple christmas ornaments each year, nothing turns me off quite like traditional "christmas" themes. I've just stitched the same old holly and trees and santas too many times to count.

So this isn't very christmas-like. In fact, one of my main colors is purple/blue.

Also, the rules explicitly stated 14 count. And while most of this is 14 count... I couldn't resist tossing in a little "over one" work as well.

Hey, J. Washington Irving has got to J. Washington Irving. *winks*

Anyway, here's the back of said entry. I'll stitch it and the front (posted earlier) together soon. *grins*

Tags: cross stitch

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