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Going Postal

I am really late to the Discworld Series. Like 30 years late. I can remember people being excited about them back in the early 90's and I've been meaning to read them since then.

You know, eventually.

I had actually kind of forgotten all about them until a coworker recommended the novel Good Omens (her words: slightly, okay very, sacrilegious--right up your alley) which was co-written by the Discworld author, Terry Pratchett, and Neal Gaiman. I thoroughly enjoyed Good Omens, more than even some of the novels I had read solely written by Neal Gaiman, and that reignited my want to actually read some, if not all of Terry Pratchett's Discworld books.

But where does one begin in such a gigantic, interwoven, complex world? Ask the internets. And when I googled, "Where to start Discworld," the internets said, "Going Postal." So I did.

And I have thoroughly enjoyed it.

Especially this passage, which, you must bear in mind, was found in the 33rd book of a series written, this case, in 2004, by a British author who, sadly, passed away in 2015:

going postal1

As an American reader in 2019, it warmed my heart to know that, at least in regards to some things, we're all equally idiotic.

And for the record, Pratchett, or rather this physician in Pratchett's novel, really did divulge the best way of dealing with nurses:
going postal2

The man was correct, one shouldn't argue with white-clad women who pronounce "what" (as in "Hwhat are you doing in here?") with two H's. *grins*

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