Jamalyn (jamalyn) wrote,

First Finish of 2019!

A quick little start to the year. I had an extra leg up on the stitching thanks to a Doctor Who marathon all day long New Year's day. *grins*

It's a French pattern titled Joli Bouquet. I love doing patterns from other countries. I mean sure, floss numbers require no translation. But it still makes me feel multilingual. Hahaha!


Next I'm going to do Mill Hill's little series of 4 birds designed by Debbie Mumm. I'm not usually that big a fan of Debbie Mumm designs but these little guys just spoke to me.

Oh, who are we kidding... we all know it's the beads. Any excuse to use some beads. Ha!

Speaking of beads. I have come to a decision. I've wanted to stitch the Alpine Garden Mandala by Chatelaine designs for years now. But man-oh-man, those silks, those crystals, that linen! I'm not made of gold. But this will be my celebration gift if things clear up at the hospital. I'm going back to 40 hours starting next week (they had us cut to 32) and if that lasts and (bigger if) we get news that someone is actually interested in buying us out and we won't be shutting down after all, then I will buy my Chatelaine.

That's a promise I make to me. *grins*
Tags: cross stitch

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