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Livejournal Birthday

There is nothing to this post. Nothing except to say that my very first ever livejournal post was on December 8, 2002.


Holy shit, internets. I've had this thing for 16 years.

For some strange reason, my profile says account started May 13, 2003. I don't know why. I don't even have journal entry for that day. I thought that maybe that might be the day I bought a permanent account but that seems a little early. I don't think that that was for a few years after that. So hmmm... I don't know. Maybe that was the day livejournal and I finally said, "I love you," and we sealed the deal.


Because, weirdly sexual anthropomorphisms aside, it has been SIXTEEN freaking years, people!


I'm actually kind of proud. *grins*

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