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Stitchers' Escapes Commemorative Sampler circa 2016

Stayed up waaaaaaaay too late last night working on this but it was hard to stop when I knew I was so very close to finishing:


You'll note the date says 2016 instead of 2018. This is actually from the 2016 Stitchers' Escapes cruse (west coast America) and the designer (Jean Farish) was kind enough to gift me a copy during our 2018 cruise.

I loved stitching it. In addition to the usual cross stitches there were also several stitches more often considered "embroidery" or "needlepoint" stitches. Just something a little different and, as anyone who has seen my Little Ghost Girl might have guessed, something near and dear to my artsy-fartsy heart. *grins*

Now to get it pressed and (if it ever stops storming) get it and the 2018 commemorative sampler off to the framers. Then I can start thinking about where I can hang them both. I need some place with, shall we say, room to grow so that I have a good excuse to go on even more Stitchers' Escapes cruises.
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