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Digimon Tri spoilers ahead. Read at your own risk!

So... I just finished Digimon Tri (finally). I'm not really sure why it took me so long to sit down and watch the final four episodes but I took a couple of hard falls yesterday and am sore and achy today and so I figured, what the hell, lets finish this.

I should preface any further thoughts with this: I have always been an 02 girl. I genuinely enjoyed 01. Much more than I liked 03. And while 04 was okay, and certainly better than 03 (I still haven't gotten around to watching 90% of 05 or any of Digimon Fusion) my opinion has always been 02 is the best season of Digimon. Full stop. No questions. I mean, a quick glance at my fanfiction would have told you that.

So, I was a little concerned when they first announced Tri that it was going to be just the 01 peeps. I mean, that would be okay. Even good. But something (almost half that particular world's characters since 01 and 02 occur with in the same universe) would be missing.

I tried to set myself to ease. After all, the posters for Tri clearly had Takeru and Hikari on them. Takeru and Hikari were on the team in 02. They wouldn't just forget their team mates ever existed, right? Ha.

And then episode 1 of Tri starts with what is clearly Ken and Davis and Miyako and Iori (and possibly, Ryu) being defeated in battle. That didn't bother me. After all, I'm used to them being "defeated" at least once an episode. They always find a way to battle back. They'll survive.

In fact, I think, good set up. The other characters now have the perfect reason to find themselves back in the fray. They have friends in desperate need of rescuing. I'm sure Tai and Yamato and, especially, Takeru and Hikari (who just lost friggin' jogress partners for pete's sake) will be hot on the rescue.


I couldn't have been more wrong.

And I'm just so... pissed.

Instead, they introduce what can best be described as a Mary Sue character. I don't have anything against Mary Sues. I certainly understand their appeal. Who doesn't want to be the thinly veiled hero of their own story?

But a Mary Sue in the canon? Have some friggin' self respect Bandai!

Anyway, Mary Sue induced antics ensue. There is a fleeting flirtation with the idea that Ken has gone full Kaiser and is the "evil" behind this sudden rash of infected Digimon. I'm more than a little pissed at how quickly the assembled Digidestined accept that idea, going so far as to go to his house (where he isn't, because he is TRAPPED IN THE DIGITAL WORLD HE WAS TRYING TO DEFEND, ASSWIPES) to "confront" him before getting distracted once again by Mary Sue's problems.

The 02 Digidestined are not mentioned again until the last 3 episodes, during which Taichi discovers they've been trapped in cryostasis in the Digital World since before this all started. We never even get to really see them. Nishijima (another new character/teacher/government official/ex-digidestined-now-grown) manages to get Tai and the 02 Digidestined +/- Ryo back to the real world so Tai can execute a last minute save of Mary Sue and join forces with the newly resolved Yamato (okay, I admit it, there were some Tai/Yamato battle moments that made the Taito/Yamachi lover in me squee) to defeat Mary Sue's now rampaging Digimon. The only explanation we get for why no 02 peeps? That Nishijima had been told by the powers that be not to let the other Digidestined know that their fellow Digidestined were "missing".



Again, asswipes.

Not surprisingly, Tai and Yamato, with the help of Omnimon in Merciful Mode (thanks, of course, to Mary Sue's digivice) defeat said rampaging digimon, order is restored and Tokyo, once again, begins to rebuild. There's a quick epilogue set at Christmas, roughly 3 months later, where there's an offhanded mention that "Daisuke's team" survived.

Somehow though, they still weren't invited to the Digidestined christmas get-together where they called Mary Sue to see how she liked the presents they sent and to say that they'll always be friends, etc. Cue Taichi's strangely inappropriate blush. I mean. She's clearly team-Yamato.

So all this has me wondering. What the frick happened between the 01 peeps and the 02 peeps. Massive falling out? Why don't they even communicate anymore? Clearly Hikari and Takeru have chosen to side with their older brothers (not too surprising).

Or are the 01 peeps really just raging assholes who dropped the 02 kids as soon as they were no longer useful. Hmmm...

Anyway. Over all, it was fun to see (some of) the Digimon Adventure characters again. But, speaking honestly, if this had been a fanfiction, I probably would have clicked out of it after the first couple of chapters. Because if you're going to do an AU where a full half of the characters no longer exist, I feel like you should be upfront about that in the beginning. Some of us don't like a universe bait and switch. And yeah, I'm declaring OOC on the idea that the older digidestined, never mind Takeru and Hikari, would just "forget" the 02 peeps weren't around. If for no other reason than that they could have used the help in every single battle. Seriously. Never mind forgetting half their team. I was beginning to think that they had forgotten how to win. You can't tell me those battles couldn't have been helped by Paildramon, Silphymon or Shakkoumon.

That fricken' teapot of doom was cool. Yeah. I said it. Deal with it.

I mean, I guess I'm glad I watched it. If only so that I know what happened. But, yeah, I'm a little disappointed Digimon. A little sad.

Overall grade: C+

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