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Yay, four day weekends!

Thanks to the holiday weekend, I've managed to squeak out a new finish! Yay!

Officially the chart title is "Gathering Eggs" but, for some reason, she is known in my head as "Little Ghost Girl"

The original chart called for the path to be left blank. I didn't really like it. It seemed unfinished to me. Plus I wanted to try out an old embroidery technique that I had been reading about called German Brick Stitch (popular around 1200-1300-ish). Most of the piece was done 2 over 2, but I did do the hands in face 1 over 1. I feel like that gives me a bit more control when it comes to shading.

I realized after my original post that I had forgotten to bead her sleeve. So I've updated the main picture. But... I couldn't be bothered to update the close up. That's why her sleeve is beaded in the over all picture, but not the other. (Hey, I never said I wasn't lazy)!

DSCN0239        DSCN0240

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