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There are Pretenders among us.
Geniuses with the ability to become
anyone they want to be.

In 1963, a corporation known as the Centre
isolated a young Pretender named Jarod
and exploited his genius for their research.

Then one day, their Pretender ran away...

I have reciently reignited my interest in The Pretender. I have had/have a filebox full of VHS under my bed for the past six years. I've not pulled it out for at least four and a half.

Until reciently.

I don't know why my past interests have suddenly begun to rear their ugly heads, but they make me smile. I suppose that I should be grateful, regardless. :)

I love Jarod, Sydney and Broots, to be sure, but my favorite, far and away is the sweet, soft-spoken Ms. Parker (yes, she is who Parkermon is named after).

Okay, so maybe she is a vicious, cold hearted bitch. But I love 'er.

"Sometimes I think you and I are the only people around here who are sane, which isn't saying much for me."

"I know your blind, I just didn't realize deaf and dumb came with the package."

"Ah, drinks first, then dinner, I'll climb up to the top of the roof and jump head first into the driveway."

"Gravity's such a bitch."

"Don't look so scared, sweetie, I'm only twice as mean as I look."

"Sydney's missing when he's here."

"Piece of metal with teeth on it. Those of us who've evolved beyond fire and wheels use them to unlock doors."

Strangely enough though, it is not Ms. Parker that convinced me to pull out the dusty old tapes. It was a line of Jarod's that kept bouncing around in my head. He's snapping at Ms. Parker for asking where he is:

Jarod: Cute. ... Not funny, but cute.

He says it in such a dry, yet humored voice. I think it is one of Michael T. Weiss' best lines.

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