Jamalyn (jamalyn) wrote,

Quick finish...

This wasn't supposed to be "next", but the fabric I needed to start the project I wanted to do took longer than expected to come in the mail.

Hey--I actually managed to wait 2 days before starting this. I need a needle in my hand or I start to get a little grumpy.

Look people, it's stab inanimate objects or stab animate objects. Take your pick. *grins*


It is a Mill Hill Button & Beads kit. Every time I do one of these I swear that I am never going to do another because they can't be bothered to pre-separate their threads and beads and that just drives me insane. This time I had to distinguish between "rust", "light rust", "medium rust" and "dark rust". At one point I was so frustrated that Bitty came in, took one look at my face and and walked right back out again.

I refuse to ever stitch one of these kits, ever again.

Oh, who am I kidding? There's already one waiting to go later this year. *sighs*
Tags: cross stitch
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