Jamalyn (jamalyn) wrote,

Mmmmmm... cookies!

So, one of my "goals" for 2018 is to cook more at home. The idea being I will save more money and (hopefully) put less rubbish in my body. I figure that shouldn't be too difficult as it is not that hard to get less "rubbish" than Taco Bell.

Sorry Taco Bell. Just speaking truth.

But as a sub-goal of that goal, I'm trying to cook at least one new recipe per week in the hopes of getting a little more variety in my diet. Because yeah, I'm the type of person who could (does) zap the same frozen dinner for lunch every. single. day. Happily. (I really don't know what would happen to my life if Lean Cuisine stopped making their pepperoni french bread pizza--but I know it would be BAD).

I'm happy to say that, so far, I've actually stuck to this goal. It doesn't hurt that I'm generally pro-anything-food. But a win is a win, folks!

I'm especially proud of this week. Because I made a sheppard's pie (those of you who know me are probably going, "And??? You make that all the time?") but I *didn't* use mashed potatoes. I actually (FINALLY) tried mashing cauliflower.

I can hear the peanut gallery now, "Whoa..."

Because yes. I am a potato freak. I love potatoes. I have never prepared a potato in anyway that didn't leave me going, "Mmmm, potatoes."

And I despise cauliflower. It's just so... flavorless.

But I tried it. And, surprise, surprise, it was actually pretty darn good. A little more bland than potatoes. A little more runny. But seasoning, and a good long bake in the oven mitigated that significantly. I *may* even try it again someday.

Still... changing out only one ingredient in a well-worn recipe felt a little like cheating. So I went on the hunt for something I had never tried before. And that's when I found a recipe for lemon sugar cookies in an old Taste of Home book.

Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhh.

lemon cookies

Having made them, I have to say, they're really more of a cross between short bread and sugar cookies, not straight sugar cookies, but I'm not complaining! They're a near perfect mix of crispy, chewy, lemony goodness. And bonus points for being both easy and pretty (I didn't even have to dirty up the mixer). Feel free to mark this one as a win, Taste of Home.

So anyway, here's to hitting goals and getting cookies in the process.

Win. Win.


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